Damon Vickers is New York Times Best Selling Author and successful businessman.

Damon Vickers - The Day After The Dollar CrashesAfter many years of professional experience in his industry, Damon Vickers has become a New York Times Best Selling Author with his book, "The Day After the Dollar Crashes: A Survival Guide For the Rise of the New World Order. The book was published in 2011 and has gained great recognition and acknowledgement in the last few years. 

In his book, Damon Vickers explains how to profit from the events leading up to the likely collapse of the U.S. dollar. He explains his view that today's society is living in a manner that is unconditionally and irrevocably unsustainable. "The Day After the Dollar Crashes" provides an outline for the types of events that might trigger a global economic collapse. It describes in great detail the events that are likely to occur just prior to, during, and immediately following this total collapse. At the same time, the book explains how investors can support a sustainable future and profit by anticipating social trends. 

Vickers also describes what the government can do now in order to soften the dollar's inevitable fall. He offers a plan to introduce innovations and solutions to meet the unavoidable challenges that come along with new kinds of economic forces. By changing expectations and taking action to align investments with reality, Damon Vickers believes investors will be able to profit. In "The Day After The Dollar Crashes", Damon Vickers rips away all of the illusions created by the media, politicians, and the financial industry to help investors position themselves in a way in which they can thrive in a New World Order.

With the success of his book, Damon Vickers has made guest appearances on many major television networks including:
CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC Asia, BNN Canada, Japan Public Television, The Glenn Beck Show, BNN, and CBC.

Vickers has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNNmoney, and The Washington Post.

International Business Times interviewed Damon Vickers on his book and the U.S. Dollar Crash. 

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